Documents Required for hiring Thai Workers

1. Approval Letter from The government of employer’s country to hire foreign workers
2. Request for approval from Thai Labour Office, Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate–General in the employer’s country.

Documents to be submitted for consideration :
(1) The Power of Attorney which authorizes us to recruit Thai workers and to apply for visas.This should be typed on your company’s letter head,stating your assignment of power of attorney to us to handle all affairs in recruiting manpower in Thailand. The letter must be endorsed by the Thai Labour Office or Royal Thai Embassy in your country. see sample1
(2) Demand Letter to us. This document shall state the type of required workers, the positions and quantity of workers. This should be as detailed as possible and must include the quantity of workers required for each position, plus wages and other benefits must meet Thai designated minimum standards. see sample2
(3) Employment Contract, The Thai Department of Employment has developed its own standard contract, see sample3 , which if you use it, will guarantee rapid processing and the least problems with your workers. Some employers, however, prefer to use their own contract in which case it must specify in full details of the employment conditions. see sample3
(4) Copy of Company Registration or individual employer’s passport
(5) Other documents required by The Thai Labour Office or Royal Thai Embassy which vary in different countries.

3. Visa Quota or Bloc visa to import overseas workers.