Finding the right Candidates for the right jobs

Our  Services :

1. Screening Candidates : Searching ,recruiting and screening candidates to the employers’ needs and requirements.

2. Transmittal of Resumes : Sending The Resumes or CV’s or related certificates of Candidates to the employers for consideration or selection.

3. Document Preparation : Preparing some sample documents needed for employers to submit to Thai Labour Office or Royal Thai Embassy in the host countries for attestation.

4. Interview for selection : Arranging interview for selection between employers and candidates through face to face in Thailand or via internet online.

5. Confirmation and full documentation process : Confirming the selected candidates by the employers and initiating for documentation process for employees, which includes passporting, physical examination, police records and submission of appropriate documents to The Ministry of Labour in Thailand.

6. Skill Test : Trade test is done according to the skill of the worker with a duly authorized trade testing center.

7. Visa Applying : Filing and Applying for visa approval from the local embassy of country of destination.

8. Progress Report : Update report on status of the employees’ travel paper shall be transmitted to the employer regularly. Flight details shall be confirmed at least three days before departure to the employer forpreparing to pick up the staffs at the airport of destination.

9. Ticketing and Immigration Clearance : Booking and Purchase of air tickets of hired employees, including land and transportation to worksite when necessary. Immigration Clearance for the hired employees will be made if necessary.